CCF Partners with ACF and Rasmuson Foundation Cordova Community Foundation distributes $15,000 in local grants

In the couple of months since things started changing in Cordova, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the Cordova Community Foundation Advisory Board has been busy! With the generous help of our umbrella organization, the Alaska Community Foundation, and Rasmuson Foundation, we were given two separate opportunities to distribute additional grants to nonprofits in Cordova.

The first opportunity was through the Basic Needs Grant Program, a program run by ACF, and gave $5,000 to each Affiliate to determine basic needs discretionary grants to support local nonprofits serving their communities. The CCF Advisory Board met at the end of February and discerned that the money could do the most good assisting with food security needs, shelter, and mental health. CCF supported Sound Alternatives and the Cordova Family Resource Center and was thrilled to grant each organization $2,500 to help them help Cordovans.

In March, the world seemed to turn upside down as we all adjusted to the daily-changing mandates related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Alaska Community Foundation acted quickly, partnering with United Way of Anchorage, supported by Rasmuson Foundation. The partnership launched the AK Can Do campaign to raise funds for frontline service organizations and supporting individuals and families around food security needs, and housing and rental assistance.

The second opportunity was supported by Rasmuson Foundation through the AK Can Do campaign and provided $10,000 to each Affiliate to make discretionary grants related to COVID-19 response and relief efforts. These funds were to be used immediately, within 30 days, to get charitable dollars out to nonprofits in need of emergency funding. The CCF Advisory Board met multiple times and performed outreach efforts to discuss arising community needs. CCF determined that two local food security programs would receive funding, the Salvation Army and the NVE food banks. CCF is grateful to be able to provide this assistance, right here in our back yard, directly to those who need it most.

While we are still a new Foundation, our first year’s fundraising was very successful, meeting our Rasmuson Foundation match goals to bring an additional $130,000 to our funds that will grow over time. We thank CCF donors for their generous support and ask that you consider giving again, or for the first-time. There are many unmet needs in our community and CCF is working to build a stronger future for our community’s quality of life.

Each dollar raised for our community’s endowment funds ensures that those dollars are there in perpetuity for Cordova’s individuals and families. If you are interested in donating, you can make your charitable contribution online to one of our three funds:

  • CCF’s Grantmaking Endowment Fund: to support grantmaking to local nonprofits and equivalent organizations
  • CCF’s Operating Endowment Fund: to support long-term operational needs
  • CCF’s Non-Endowed Operating Fund: to support short-term operational needs

You can also donate to the AK Can Do campaign, which supports communities’ frontline nonprofits helping families and individuals affected by COVID-19, or you can support individuals and families in need through the Neighbor to Neighbor regional funds. If you wish your contribution to be used to support Cordova’s residents, then select the Cordova fund, under the Frontline Services for Cordova Fund.

Cordova is a strong community where we have weathered many storms over the years. This pandemic is seeing unprecedented change and struggle, but with it, many silver linings. Folks are uniting to take care of each other and together, we will get through this.