Aerial view of the Copper River Delta with glacier and mountains in the background

Cordova Community Foundation

Cordova residents are fiercely proud of their community and continuously commit their time and resources into projects for the betterment of all. The Cordova Community Foundation’s focus is to enhance the quality of life in Cordova through community giving.

Cordova is aware of the importance of self-reliance. We have come together to produce local initiative for vision-oriented legacy planning and giving. This is how the Cordova Community Foundation began; with a dream of providing the means for improvement in the quality of life within our town.

When a donor gives to the Cordova Community Foundation, they leave behind a legacy now and into the future. The Cordova Community Foundation is a permanent fund for Cordova. Your gifts will be part of a long-term endowment, allowing you to invest in our community’s future and contribute to our collective quality of life. The Cordova Community Foundation envisions a fully engaged community giving generously, gaining self-reliance, and growing support for causes our community cares about.

The rising tide lifts all boats. Your donations to the endowment fund or operating endowment fund of the Cordova Community Foundation will:

  • Help us earn the generous 1:1 match of up to $30,000 to be invested in our funds by The Alaska Community Foundation and the Rasmuson Foundation, as part of the Affiliate Program Grant for 2024
  • Connect donors with causes they care about
  • Support local nonprofits through grants and capacity building trainings

Photo credit: David Little