Cordova Covered Spaces Project Takes Hold

drawing in a covered space

As residents and friends of Cordova, Alaska know, we are located in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings that must often be enjoyed in the pouring rain. Cordova business owner Natasha Casciano has a vision for dealing with that… create open covered spaces along coastal trails and roadways!

After sharing her vision with other Cordovans and receiving some start-up donations, Natasha joined up with another business owner, Dotty Widmann. Together they came up with some conceptual drawings and a rough plan for the project and realized a venture this big was going to need some serious planning to make it happen.

Last September, Natasha attended a Grant Writing Workshop put on by CCF and subsequently applied for and received a grant for strategic planning for the project. She also attended a CCF Non-Profit Networking Event in December, gaining the ear of some Alaska Community Foundation officials, who are working to spread the word about this project to other funders. The Cordova Community Foundation is honored and excited to play a supportive role in realizing Natasha’s vision and are anticipating great results from her hard work.

Natasha drawing in the rain

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